Francesco Floro Flores

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Curriculum Vitae Eng

Francesco Floro Flores was born in Naples on November 5th, 1955.

As a child, he is fascinated by his father job, a craftsman, who teaches him the secrets of the artistic work, and educates him to  the quality and attention to the customer. His father introduced him to the business management and raised  a very high ethical business sense, based on the respect of the rules towards the customer, considered strategic for the company’s continuity.

His mother, a  housewife, dedicates to his first child all the attention and follows him in the studies, believing in his potential. In difficult moments, she transfers to his son her tenacity and perseverance, qualities that will be essential in the crucial moments of his career.

The precarious nature of his father’s job  tempers and urges  him to achieve in the shortest time possible the economic autonomy, to support his family.

He attended the high school and graduated at age of 17, one year before the regular studies course.

He applied to electrical engineering, computer science with specialization, and graduated with honors at age 23, realizing a dissertation in the field of digital processing, through the use of microprocessors, (then new technology frontier) .

Not even the time to rejoice and already in September 1979 he is in the navy, passing the test to enter the Academy of Livorno, as a trainee  officer.

After the course he is sent to research center of the Navy, Mariteleradar of La Spezia; he is placed on a very important  project, and thanks to the  experience in CNR, during the dissertation, he convinced the Admiralty, to send him back to Naples University, to develop a system for digital processing in real time of the signals captured by the radar. He had the benefit of a fund for the purchase of electronic components.

The project ends in 18 months, and it was transferred to Electronics Spa in Rome for the engineering and industrialization. The fear that the military, stealing time and experience, is transformed into an exceptional opportunity to put into practice what has been studied in a context of exceptional technical quality.

The skills acquired enable him to choose between more job opportunities, and among them he prefers those that allow him to operate in Naples, not because he didn’t want to leave his birthplace, but because he believes that he should invest and build his career in the city where he was born and which also loves.

After working for about six years in the firmware design in local companies, as technical director, he accepts to work as  technical director in  Olivetti, in  a subsidiary in the South of Italy, coordinating all the southern regions.

For a young engineer, working in the largest Italian and European company of Information Technology, is a dream come true. He  works with great enthusiasm in a difficult time for Olivetti, leaving the typewriters for Personal and Mini Computers.

His experience is important  for  Olivetti, which recognizes his merits, proposing him the  marketing direction. He renounced  to the attractive proposal,  leaving the company, to create his own.

Olivetti, and its  management  transferred him a European business culture, a remarkable marketing attitude, and a large enterprise organization with a sophisticated management control.

All essential elements, in the continuation of its professional activity . He creates 3F Data System sas, with three employees developing  PC software in the banking environment.

So the entrepreneurial adventure begins, based on the risk distribution, on the  independence from the individual customer, and to the attention to the stakeholders. The considerable technical expertise allows to develop low cost, and above all, in a period of considerable technological changes, to anticipate the future. The company supplies  large customers, recalling the fatherly advice, that the quality of the company, is represented by the quality  of customers. But the strategic choice to operate in the South, in Naples, convinced of the capacity of the young southern engineers, but without working for the South and for the public administration.

Over time the company has created its own style, its image of quality and technique credibility, representing a company hallmark.

In 1992 the employees are about 60 and the skills acquired in the graphic design, induce the entrepreneur Floro Flores to create a company dedicated to mechanical design, Aerosoft, which begins to operate in the automotive and aerospace market in Campania, in the neighborhood of Fiat and Alenia.

In 2000 the company sets up as a holding the Trefin S.p.A., which controls the holdings of 3F Data System, which became a joint stock company and Aerosoft Spa.

The financial statements are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

In the period 2001-2007 begins a period of acquisitions and a phase of internationalization, which saw the birth Aerosoft France, and then Aerosoft USA Inc. and Aerosft Dyzan Ltd., Turkey.  Nauticad company in  Massa Carrara is acquired to enter the world of naval engineering.  Today it has a leading position in Italy.

Today Trefin group has over 300 employees and a consolidated group exceeding 20 million euro.

Married with three children , two of them , Valentina and Mario , work in the company , Floro Flores insists on believing in southern Italy by investing in a center of expertise on composite materials in Capua , alongside the Cira with which  Aerosoft cooperates , in a logic of strong integration : research centers , universities  and small businesses.

The new orders from France confirm the strategy of the entrepreneur to have invested there where you create products ( Toulouse and Seattle ) by convincing the  market of capacity and skills “best  youth  of the south ” .

Youth  in which the engineer believes very much , even to support a change in the city key , to bring out the healthy part , that works . That studies. That undertakes.

To this end he founded Facebook on ‘ The Neapolitan Matter’ group , and the  blog

On October 2013 he  took over the Zoo of Naples, to recover this important Neapolitan heritage and to restore the prestigious international role enjoyed in the past .

On 2016 he took over Arena Flegrea in Naples and achieved  the restyling of this prestigious location, dedicated place for international music shows.

On 31st  October 2017 Francesco Floro Flores was awarded  by Christian Masset, ambassador of France in Italy as Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur, a recognition for extraordinary merits as entrepreneur in France.

On April 2018 he was appointed as Member of the Board of Directors of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

On October 2018 he was appointed by  the government as Commissioner for environmental remediation and urban recovery of Bagnoli-Coroglio, area of relevant national interest.